Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio Cable TV vs. Streaming Services         For my final portfolio, I did a survey, infographic, and timeline. My overarching topic was the controversy of the competition between cable tv and streaming services, interested if this new, modern form of entertainment could outrun classic television.          The survey was a little bit of "personal research" asking questions such as "Do you have cable?', "Do you use streaming services?" "Which do you use more?", Etc...           Next, using my results from my graphic I made an infographic displaying all of my information. I decided to make an infographic as I believe it is a visual and fun way to display information.          Lastly, I made a timeline after doing more in-depth and statistical research on the subject and showed the progression of cable and streaming services. The timeline covers each through their developments, competitive progression, and current day standings.
How to change a google drive folder color!

Turtle Coding

Evolution of controllers

Timeline I did a timeline on the evolution of controllers as it interested me to see how far the technology has come in just the last half a century. Check it out!

10 Breakthrough Technologies Article

The article on 10 breakthrough technologies I found very interesting. The New-Wave nuclear power is said the reduced size of reactors will positively affect the environment and also help financially. Another really amazing innovation is the possible cancer vaccine, which would kill cancer cells. The cancer vaccine could save thousands of lives and be one of the biggest breakthroughs in medical history. One of the innovations that really interested me was the predicting preemies. Since premature birth is a 1/10 chance, predicting and taking action to further ensure the babies' safety. This innovation could save several babies lives.

Stars Wars Practice

Here is my star wars practice project! I had a lot of fun making it!


I recently made a survey asking people about their personal preferences when going to a cafe such as the form of seating, hours, prices, etc. I also asked typical orders, and how many coffees/teas drank a day on average. I enjoyed getting all the responses and think if I were an actual opening business trying to get a little outside input this survey would help me do so. I loved seeing everyone's favorite orders!
Kenzie's Koffee Korner